Our Mini Warriors program is a co-ed program geared towards athletes ages 3-5.  Participants work on a variety of obstacles, exercises, techniques and drills to improve strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination, and have lots of FUN!

Some of the basic skill areas that the classes work on are:

  • Jumping: Participants learn to jump on springboards and the tumble trak, controlling their bodies and where and how they land.  They also work on leg strengthening and coordination doing box jumps, long jumps and jumping over or onto mats.
  • Climbing and Traversing: Participants practice climbing and traversing on ropes, bars, balance beams, and mats.
  • Swinging: Participants practice swinging on rings, bars, ropes, and other obstacles.
  • Balancing: Participants practice their balance on balance beams, octagon mats and other obstacles.
  • Diving and Rolling: Sometimes you may have to dive over an obstacle, and there will come a time when you will lose you balance and fall.  You might as well make it look great! Athletes will practice forward dive rolls and backward rolls.